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I have to admit, my husband is a HUGE Jerky fanatic. He recently reviewed two brands of jerky and this is one of them. Golden Valley Natural has been around for almost 50 YEARS and there’s no question as to why! They specialize in ORGANIC & ALL NATURAL jerky in Beef, Buffalo and Turkey – many flavors are available too! What is even better is all of the meat is RAISED on their FREE-RANGE ranches! My husband’s #1 was the Buffalo – he said you could definitely tell the difference and that it had a distinct taste. In my local stores, it’s hard to find Buffalo Jerky, and for it to be organic and all-natural, it is definitely worth it for me to place an order off of their website or!


If you’re interested in trying this great snack, go to their website and put in the code GVN#Z10 (All uppercase, please!)



So I’ve told you before, my husband is a HUUUGE jerky fanatic. He recently reviewed the Golden Valley Natural Organic/All Natural Jerky and was super excited to try CHOMPS Snack Sticks too! They sent their two flavors in Beef and I’m left with empty wrappers!!! ALL of their beef is grass fed from local farmers to ensure their products. Their snack sticks are gluten free, paleo friendly, all natural and high in Omega3’s and protein!

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Bakery On Main sells a slew of wonderful products but what drew me in were their delicious flavors of oatmeal. It’s very rare for my local supermarkets to carry anything out of the ordinary so when I saw flavors like Carrot Cake, Blueberry Scone and Strawberry Shortcake…to name a few, I was over the moon excited to try these. They are beautifully packaged and their taste does not fall short one bit! I wouldn’t hestitate to try any of their other products. They are NON-GMO VERIFIED too! Their other products include: Fiber Power or Gluten Free Granola, Gluten free or Soft & Chewy Granola Bars, their own line of Truebars and the instant oatmeal! You can join their club to receive a coupon off of their many great products!

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Very similar to another review I have posted, Veggie-Go’s are a great (and tasty) way to get your fruits and vegetables. They are made with exactly what is stated on the packaging and nothing extra! They are individually sized and wrapped so easy to take on the go with you for a quick and wholesome snack! Each strip includes 1/2 your dailing serving of fruit and 1/2 your daily serving of vegetables. No added sugar and Non-GMO! The flavors range from Cinnamon Spiced Beet to Moutan Berry Spinach and Sweet Potato Pie!

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I love providing my readers with product reviews and this one comes with a wonderful cause. When I contacted NOURIBAR, I received a prompt reply from the Founder and CEO, Veneka. Veneka is a kind, warm-spirited individual with a wonderful company. Not only are their bars tasty, they are made with All-Natural ingredients from local farmers. Each bar you buy, you are also helping to feed a child in need. How great will you feel supporting local businesses and you are also helping to end world hunger! What a beautiful cause this is, and what an amazing company I have the opportunity to support. I received two bars in the mail, along with a personal note and super cute pen. I look forward to spread the word about NOURIBAR and I hope all of you will too! 

Please, take some time out of your day to find NOURIBAR on social media and support their cause.


Are you looking for a fun way to incorporate veggies / fruits into your daily routine? Look no further. Fruigees is a part of the NON GMO project and also certified organic. They currently have 3 different flavors and each packet is under 100 calories, but packs a punch with nutrients!

Three flavors from L to R are “Nothing Beets Cherry”, a blend of Cherry and Beets, “24 Carrot Orange”, a blend of Carrots and Oranges, and “Kalefornia Grape” which is Grapes + Kale. My personal favorite is 24 Carrot Orange and these are super awesome when they are chilled!

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Fasted Cardio

Cardio can be effective whether it is done while you are fasted or not. However, research shows that if your goal is fat loss then the best time to do cardio is in a fasted state (before breakfast or at least 4 hours after a meal. ). I personally do cardio 5-6 times a week every morning before breakfast and I have seen dramatic changes in my physique so I know that this research is true.

It also doesn’t take hours upon hours of intense, heart-throbbing painful cardio to lose fat as most people may imagine in their minds; a simple one hour walk on the treadmill at a speed of 3.5 mph five days a week, while following a healthy diet, can totally help transform your body over time – the key is remaining consistent with your diet and cardio and the results will come.

Whether you do cardio in a fasted or fed state, the calories burned will essentially be the same. The difference between the two is where your body will get its energy from. If you do your cardio in a fasted state the body will break down stored fats in order to fuel the work out. In this situation, your insulin level is low and will not interfere with lipolysis(fat burning process), thus allowing you to access and burn more stored body fat for fuel.

When you eat and then train within the four hour window (before you are considered fasted), the body will have already converted foods into glucose (sugar) which increases your insulin levels, which then in turn suppresses lipolysis. The reason for this is because lipolysis actually takes longer to initiate than glucosis (process of turning foods into sugar for fuel) so the body will use glucose because it is the fastest way to get energy to satisfy workload demands since it is readily available.

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Research has also shown that fasted cardio increases the efficiency of lipolysis by 20% more compared to doing cardio in a fed state. Although in both cases one’s metabolic rate will be revved up for the next 24 hours, more stored fat will be burned when doing cardio in a fasted state.

Even though there is really only a small difference, say, 120 calories (13 grams) of fat burned off per day when doing fasted cardio, these losses will eventually add up to almost a pound of pure fat burned off in a month. If you stick to this simple yet effective method, pounds of fat will be melted off in the following months simply because you chose to do your cardio at the best time possible.

The human body prefers to take the easy way out of things because it wants to conserve energy and maintain homeostasis (regulation and balance of its functions). It hates when things change. That is why when it come to changing your body, such as building muscle or losing fat, one has to FORCE the body to change; which is why getting results takes time, patience, and perseverance, and why most people fail to stay the course and achieve the body they want.

Just imagine yourself changing by implementing this simple yet powerful knowledge into your cardio routine and sticking to it for months. Try it out and see for yourself. You have nothing to lose but your unwanted body fat.

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